A day in the life:

0730 – wake 

0800 – have breakfast 

0900 – study 

1100 – rest, Facebook, TV etc 

1200 – study 

1300 – go to supermarket for dinner supplies, return and make PB&J 

1400 – gym (cardio) 

1500 – Nap 

1600 – Gym (resistance) 

1700 – shower, iron shirt

1800 – 1st dinner 

1900 – study 

2030 – head to training center 

2130 – briefing 

2300 – Sim 

0100 – break, dinner 2, Red Bull 

0130 – resume sim 

0300 – drive home 

0400 – sleep


The sim 

So in short, because it’s 3am, this is what a takeoff, three TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system) activations, two approaches, two go around and a rejected takeoff look like. 1.5 hours time lapsed into 18 seconds. ​

Week 1 

Straight into it. A pilots most hated three letter abbreviation: CBT or Computer Based Training. 

Essentially this is 12 working days of:

  1. Clicking through interactive airplane system guides to work out how everything works, how it indicates and what happens when things fail
  2. Putting that theory into actions by sitting in an aircraft mockup (called a VFD). This is essentially big interactive screens that emulate the real thing so we can practice flicking switches and observing the results.
  3. Homework questions each night to prepare for progress tests and final exams on aircraft systems. 
  4. Fumbling our way through various manuals working out SOPs and, callouts and procedures.  

Oh yeah. And some progress tests along the way. So all up pretty mundane stuff so far. Interesting but with the element of monotony too.  But that’s life 🙂 

    Looking forward to the full simulators but for now:

    Back in the game…

    So it’s been ages since I posted. I started this blog in response to one of the strangest events in modern aviatio: the disappearance of #MH370. 

    The leads have gone ultra quiet there and so did this blog. But instead of an industry changing event – for the next while I’ll be writing about a life changing event: my first #JET initial type rating. 

    I’ve just arrived in the U.K. to commence ground school and sim. 

    Stay tuned if you can bare it. I figure this will be a good way to share the details with friends and family back home and it’s also a record for me for my next adventure 🙂 

    1 day down and 51 to go til I’m back I Australia 🙂